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Reagan Jr takes on TV rightwinger
The son of the former Republican president, Ronald Reagan, has become a liberal talk show host going head-to-head with his dad's onetime director of communications, Pat Buchanan.
New York to open gay high school
The Harvey Milk High School, named after San Fransisco's first openly gay supervisor who was assassinated in 1978, will enrol about 100 students this autumn in a newly renovated building in Greenwich Village.
A tale of two leaders
True, both have their own specific local difficulties that are related to, but deflect from the big picture. Bush has the 16 words in his state of the union address that everybody knew were untrue and almost everybody but himself will take responsibility for. "The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa." Blair has the death of Dr David Kelly on his conscience and Kelly's ghost to haunt him in the form of the Hutton inquiry.
Councillor shoots dead political rival
James Davis, 41, a Brooklyn councillor, former police officer and anti-violence crusader, died after being shot twice in the chest from close range by his political rival, Othniel Askew, 31.
Don't blame September 11 on spy failures, says report
But despite objections from some senators a crucial 28 pages of the 900-page report, which criticises Saudi Arabia for its lack of interest in clamping down on Islamist extremists, has been removed from the final document.

Qusay and Uday Hussein
Dead: the sons of Saddam
The deaths of Saddam's two fugitive "princes" represent the biggest coup for coalition forces since the fall of Baghdad more than three months ago. It offers Washington and London hope of a turning point in a bloody guerrilla war.
The home of service? It took seven months to get the cable guy round
For the belief from Europe is that America is the home of service culture and New York is its capital. As long as you can pay for it then anything you want is yours.
Annan backs Iraq's US-picked leaders
In a report released yesterday he called on the UN security council, which will discuss the report today, to "assist the governing council" and "confer legitimacy on the process" of transition to democracy laid out by the occupying powers.
Big Apple's core
On Monday Central Park celebrates its 150th birthday - marking the dramatic evolution from the "filthy, squalid and disgusting" suburb that one of the park's first board of commissioners described, to the 341-hectare (843-acre) patch of tranquillity framed by skyscrapers, sometimes referred to as "the lungs of the city".
Models freed to sue US agencies for price fixing
Six models brought the claim that 13 agencies based in New York, including giants such as Ford, Elite and Wilhemina, worked together to keep prices down and commissions up.
Youth find more truth in Eminem than Bush
Americans don't care what Europe thinks of them and believe their children find more truth in Eminem's lyrics than the speeches of George Bush.
Mexicans expelled in 30s ask for justice
The Mexican American Legal Defence and Education Fund and the law firm Kiesel, Boucher and Larson are seeking class-action status for the suit, brought on behalf of an estimated 400,000 people of Mexican descent.
Architect and developer clash over Ground Zero memorial
The architect with the winning design to rebuild the World Trade Centre site is embroiled in an increasingly bitter dispute with the property developer who owns a lease on the site, as artistic vision clashes with the commercial demands of prime real estate.
New editor for troubled New York Times
The troubled New York Times named its new editor yesterday as it was forced to publish yet another lengthy correction in an attempt to settle nerves and restore confidence at one of the nation's most respected newspapers.
Wish you weren't here
By the time Mahmood got back to Domino's, where he worked, the police were waiting for him. A few days later tests on the water proved clear and checks showed all his papers were in order. But the police had also discovered that he had paid the first month's rent and car insurance for a Pakistani couple who were in the country illegally. Mahmood told the Washington Post he had no idea that their immigration status was in question. He pleaded guilty to harbouring illegal immigrants - a charge usually reserved for smugglers at the border - and is now in federal detention awaiting deportation.
Beyond wow - Briton's £27m NY pad
The publicity-shy banker has already put down a $5m deposit for the 1,100sq metre (12,000sq ft) flat, which includes a terrace that wraps around the 76th floor of the AOL/Time Warner building and which is still being built.
Foreign trip, domestic gamble
He failed to consult the Congressional Black Caucus, the 38-strong body of black legislators, and then left Nelson Mandela off his itinerary.
Bush tries to placate waverers at home
President George Bush conceded yesterday America had "a security issue in Iraq" as polls revealed public opinion growing increasingly sceptical about the presence and purpose of US troops in the Gulf.
Boston ambush
Ask the bartender how many black people would be there normally and she shrugs.
Oprah's novel choice outshines Hillary
The former first lady's pillow-talk confessions and intimate testimony of her years at the White House, backed up by an aggressive global publicity tour, was hailed a publishing sensation last month.
The New York Times' Blair witch hunt is coming to an end. About time too
When the New York Times runs a headline over its premier, op-ed page stating "In Blair We Trust" we can only assume it is well on the way to recovery. Just a fortnight ago there was only one Blair worth worrying about at the paper's 43rd Street offices - Jayson Blair, the young reporter whose fallacious reporting had produced the longest correction in journalistic history and claimed the scalps of the paper's editor and managing editor.
Laureate faces silence of the iambs
New Jersey's legislature has voted to abolish the position of state poet laureate after the governor discovered that he could not sack the current holder of the post.
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