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Gary Younge
Bitter white whine
A similar approach is used when gauging racial attitudes in Britain, where the likelihood that people will lie about their prejudice is also strong. The British Social Attitudes survey and Professor Paul Sniderman in the US developed a technique of asking people both "How you yourself" feel about people of other races and then "How people in your street" feel about them to get a more honest answer. Although it is possible for individuals to answer truthfully that they are not prejudiced but their neighbours are, if everybody says it, then someone must be fibbing.
Nervous flyer
It is one of those flights where the passengers clap when the plane lands without incident, as though they believed there was a serious chance the journey might end in some other way.
Rebels cut off Haiti's second city
Barricaded within their station, the police admitted they could not repel the attacks and were terrified. "Of course we are," one told the Associated Press. "It's a natural reaction after what [has] happened in other parts of the country."
UN to defy Shia clerics and call for delay in Iraq poll
UN general-secretary Kofi Annan's chief adviser, Lakhdar Brahimi, will brief security council members today and is expected to suggest holding direct elections later this year or early next year. But a key section of the anticipated report, concerning what form of caretaker government should be installed, will be delayed until further consultation between Mr Annan and his advisers.
Boy spots his kidnap photo on net
A Californian teenager discovered that he was apparently abducted as a toddler after he spotted a picture of himself on a missing children's website.
Spirit of the Dean machine
By the end of the evening, he was a third place loser with a scream only a therapist could love. Six weeks and 17 contests without a win later, he looks a bit like an embarrassing uncle, hanging around the nibbles waiting to be told that the party is over and it's time to go home. Barring some Lazarus-like recovery in Wisconsin, by the time you read this he may have already been escorted out.
US increases pressure on Aristide to compromise
The US secretary of state, Colin Powell, yesterday all but ruled out foreign police or military forces going to Haiti to quell the revolt against Mr Aristide and emphasised the need for a political solution.

John Kerry at the University of Wisconsin
Woman denies rumours of affair with Democratic frontrunner Kerry
Alexandra Polier, 27, a freelance journalist, spoke publicly in Nairobi, Kenya, to deny rumours of an affair. "I have never had a relationship with Senator Kerry, and the rumours in the press are completely false," she said.
Haiti's militias claim to uphold the law - but now they have become the law
Behind him is a town emptied by fear - a place where people whisper in the darkness of their own homes with the curtains drawn against the crackle of gunfire. The usually bustling market is still; those who brave the streets are fidgety.
Hell, he's good
Aristide followers block rebel protests
Mischa Gaillard, the opposition coalition spokesman, said: "We don't want confrontation. The police have not done their duty to serve and protect. Since our strategy is a peaceful one, we have cancelled the demonstration."
Haitian rebels forced to scrap protest
Mischa Gaillard, the opposition coalition spokesman, said: "We don't want confrontation. The police have not done their duty to serve and protect. Since our strategy is a peaceful one, we have cancelled the demonstration."
Riding the subway with the King of Soul in search of applause and a slow buck
"Mostly I'm a DJ," says Simms. "But when I'm riding the subway I do James Brown because every body likes James Brown and there ain't a song I don't know." Then, after a few more moves, he heads off to pick up the photocopied sheets of A4 he has distributed through the carriage with the handwritten story of his life.
'We wait for peace. We wait for war'
Worried that she has said too much, she refuses to give her name, fearing the prescience of her throwaway remark and the implications that could come with it.
Ignorance is no excuse
Jackson apologised, saying that she did plan a "reveal", but Timberlake was supposed only to rip off her rubber black bustier to show a red lace bra (so that's all right then). Timberlake blamed it on a "wardrobe malfunction". The National Football League, which staged the match, blamed CBS, the television network which screened it. CBS blamed MTV, to which it had contracted out the half-time entertainment. MTV blamed Janet Jackson. And the media conglomerate Viacom, which owns both CBS and MTV, insists that it has nothing to do with them.
Edwards plays up the class divide
Having won Tuesday's primary in South Carolina by a margin of 15%, and polled second in three of the other six states that voted that night, he has emerged as the main rival to John Kerry.

John Kerry celebrates victory with his wife Teresa in Seattle. Photograph: Charles Krupa/AP
Kerry storms to victory in five states
John Edwards emerged as the principal rival by scoring a convincing win in South Carolina, while General Wesley Clark managed to stay in the race by declaring a wafer-thin victory in Oklahoma.
Challenge to Democratic frontrunner
Early exit polls showed Mr Edwards holding a double-digit lead over Mr Kerry, with all the other candidates trailing in single digits. Mr Edwards was also in a tight three-horse race with Mr Kerry and Wesley Clark in Oklahoma, one of seven states which held primaries and caucuses last night.
Singers' boob sparks outrage in US
America's media watchdog last night promised an investigation after pop star Janet Jackson's breast was exposed during half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl in Houston, Texas.
Kerry's rivals fight to stay in race
On the eve of the vote, Senator Kerry was the party's clear favourite to take on George Bush in November, with two wins under his belt and a lead in five of the seven states going to the polls today. But political analysts said he would have to sweep the board to put the contest beyond doubt.
Democrats walk the tightrope of race
"I've gotten to know Jim over the last couple of years," said Mr Kerry, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.
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The Speech: The Story Behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream
book review
“The speech is profoundly and willfully misunderstood,” says King’s longtime friend Vincent Harding.
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