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Key black congressman backs Kerry campaign
James Clyburn's support was intensely sought by all the main candidates after his original choice, Dick Gephardt, dropped out of the race. The endorsement is vital for Mr Kerry, who is desperate to prove he is both a viable candidate in the South and can garner black support, which could account for 50% of the electorate.
Old words and new tunes as the campaign enters Dixie
Howard Dean recalled the civil rights era and exhumed the memory of the four little girls killed in a bombing in Birmingham, Alabama. Meanwhile, behind Wesley Clark stood not his campaign manager or his wife but two black women and one Latina as he said goodbye to the north-east.
Illiberal secularism
Her performance and popularity signified a nascent liberalism following the recent end of Sharia law. The rocks that rained down on both her and the crowd courtesy of the Muslim Brotherhood symbolised the precariousness of that liberalism in a country where fundamentalists would soon regain control.
NY mayor shocked by woman's electrocution
Jodi Lane, 30, was taking her dogs on a stroll through Manhattan's East Village last week when they started fighting.
Deep south divided by rape case
As protesters gathered outside Georgia supreme court on Wednesday, holding candles and singing We Shall Overcome, Marcus Dixon's lawyers were arguing to appeal judges that his punishment was unusually harsh.
Haitian president urged to quit to end violence
Leaders of the Democratic Platform, a coalition of political parties, clergy, students and business leaders, who met Caribbean community leaders in the Bahamas yesterday to seek a peaceful resolution, said they had a two-pronged plan to depose him.
Annan considers sending UN mission to Iraq
The UN secretary general, Kofi Annan, emerged from a meeting with US, British and Iraqi officials, promising to consider an appeal for UN experts to visit Iraq to assess how best to achieve the June 30 power transfer.
Oy vey! Brooklyn can't bridge cultural divide
As you approach the borough from Queens over the Kosciuszko Bridge, you are greeted with the sign: "Welcome to Brooklyn: Believe the Hype."
What is at stake in UN talks
The US plan
Record cold in New York
A vicious Arctic wind blew across the north east of the United States last night, killing six people and leaving New York city with its coldest overnight temperatures since records began in 1893.
Ayatollah forces US rethink on Iraq poll
The US president, George Bush, summoned his top official in Iraq, Paul Bremer, for urgent talks on how to salvage the plan to hand over authority to an interim Iraqi government by June 30.
President sets aside $1.5bn to boost marriage
The plan, which may be included in his State of the Union address next week, is to help low-income couples with their interpersonal skills and publicise the value of marriage.
Where minorities are the majority
"I'm gonna lose anyway, man," says Haskins, who takes the plea. "I've got to work, I've got a job. I'm going to lose it all."
Bush critic fights on as treasury investigates use of documents
Mr O'Neill came under fire last week after an authorised book about his time at the White House, The Price of Loyalty, described Mr Bush as a disengaged figure lead by a "praetorian guard" of hardline rightwingers who were committed to invading Iraq from the beginning of his presidency.
Beyond the ballot box
At Tom's restaurant in New Hampton, a small town in Iowa, a young, asthmatic staffer for Howard Dean's campaign slides to the floor clutching her inhaler. She wears her dedication on her sweatshirt. Under the slogan "C4C" (Commit for Change) come the words: "Blog, write, donate, organise, volunteer." Recently she has been doing most of these - or encouraging others to do them - around the clock in an effort to secure Dean the Democratic party's nomination for president. Earlier she admitted, with a mixture of weariness and pride, that she has not slept for two days. Now, while Dean is pressing flesh ahead of next week's primary, she is panting for breath.
US plans moon settlement before heading on to Mars
The US president, George Bush, will announce plans next week to build a human settlement on the moon, with a view to sending humans to Mars.

Crowning glory: the Coronation Egg, one of the Fabergé eggs which used to belong to the Forbes family. Photo: PA
Fabergé eggs may fetch £52m
Sotheby's auction house said the eggs and 180 other Fabergé pieces collected by the late Malcolm Forbes would be offered in New York on April 20 and 21 and could fetch between $90m and $120m.
Multiple murders spark US manhunt
US authorities issued a countrywide alert to motorists on major highways to look out for Jerry William Jones after three bodies were discovered late on Wednesday in Ranger, Georgia, about 60 miles (96km) north of Atlanta.
Haiti opposition calls for strike as street violence escalates
Demonstrators, who have been taking to the streets for repeated clashes with Mr Aristide's supporters over the past few months, accuse the president of being corrupt and anti-democratic, claiming he fixed the results of parliamentary elections four years ago.

Michael Jackson: black or white?
Back into the fold
When Michael Jackson wrote the lyrics "But if you're thinkin' about my baby/It don't matter if you're black or white" in his hit single Black or White, he could claim significant expertise. Jackson has had a fair crack at being both. First there was the African-American child star from Gary, Indiana - which became the most segregated city in America - who was the ethnic and aesthetic antithesis of the white-skinned, white-bread Osmonds.
US soldiers sent home for beating prisoners of war
Master Sergeant Lisa Girman, 35, was the most senior person in charge during the incident at Camp Bucca in southern Iraq. She knocked a prisoner to the ground and repeatedly kicked him in the groin, abdomen and head, encouraging subordinate soldiers to do the same.
'Kill the Haitians' game in the dock
A US federal court is about to decide whether a popular video game in which the players can kick a prostitute to death and get extra points for killing Haitians should be removed from the shelves.
US rich give $10bn to charity
The individuals, whose combined income accounts for more than 1% of all the money earned by 292 million Americans, provided nearly 7% of all gifts in 2000, the year to which the figures relate.
Iranian leaders welcome easing of US sanctions
As tales of miraculous survivals from the quake came to light, Iran's senior statesmen hinted in surprising language at more positive dealings with George Bush's administration.
Uranium kit seizure pushed Libya to come clean
The German freighter, en route from Dubai, was intercepted and diverted to Taranto, southern Italy, shortly after it passed through the Suez Canal in October.
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