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Daughter turns in alleged US serial killer
Dennis Rader, 59, a married father of two and a former church leader, was arrested in Wichita, Kansas, in connection with at least 10 murders dating back to 1974.
Preaching against corporate space-invaders
"We're going to push them back," he says to a chorus of alleluias. "Lord, save us from the Shopocalypse. Can we do it? Someone say, 'Alleluia!'" The crowd obliges. "Blessed are those who forgo the Gap, because they will save our city."
Republican disowns lesbian daughter
So when Mr Keyes' only daughter, Maya Marcel-Keyes, declared herself a "liberal queer" at a public rally he lived up to his word. Her parents turned her out of their house, broke off all communication and stopped paying her university tuition fees.
Soldier shocked by pupils' letters
Alex Kunhardt sent the letters to Private Rob Jacobs for a social studies assignment. Pte Jacobs, who is serving 10 miles from the North Korean border, said his excitement at getting the letters from the Brooklyn schoolchildren turned to shock as he read them.
Why Michelin stars may not shine in New York
"I think it's big risk for Michelin," said Ruth Reichl, editor of Gourmet magazine and former restaurant critic for the New York Times. "If they chose restaurants here New Yorkers don't like then New Yorkers will say: 'The French can say what they like but we know what we like. Who cares what they think?' But at the same time they will risk their reputation for getting it right in Europe too."
Nike fans fail to just queue it
Despite the presence of a bouncer, fighting broke out when people tried to barge ahead of those who had camped out for up to 48 hours. Only 150 pairs have been made, with just 20 - which bear an exclusive pigeon mark on the heel - on sale in New York.
We cannot vote Labour
From Tony Blair, however, one might have expected something different. As the political representative of a movement founded on the principles of international solidarity and equality, a Labour leader might have chosen a different path. Sadly, Blair's political calculus was faulty long before the first shot was fired. He decided that since the US was hellbent on having a fight and would undoubtedly win, the best thing Britain could do was not try to stop it but offer to hold its coat. He calculated that the security council would authorise the invasion; that the invaders would be greeted warmly; that they would find weapons of mass destruction; that all military opposition would be crushed quickly; and that he would emerge unambiguously victorious.
UN refugee chief refuses to quit over sexual harassment row
Mr Lubbers emerged from the "frank" talks to deny accusations that he engaged last year in a pattern of harassment, and insisted he would see out the last year of his term.
US journalists lose freedom of press appeal
Two journalists facing jail for refusing to reveal their sources had their appeal quashed yesterday. A panel of three judges panel ruled unanimously that they had no constitutional right to withhold the identity of their contacts from a criminal investigation.
New York in stadium blow
New York's bid to host the 2012 Olympics has suffered an 11th-hour blow after plans to build a showpiece stadium were thrown into disarray less than a week before the International Olympic Committee's evaluation team visits the city.

Former CNN chief executive, Eason Jordan, brought down by bloggers. Photograph: Ed Bailey/AP
Net gains
On, the World Economic Forum web log, there is a link to a site called Ohmynews, "where every citizen is a reporter". Rony Abovitz is one of those citizens. The 34-year-old co-founder of Z-KAT, a medical technology company from Holywood, Florida had never written a story in the mainstream press when Forumblog asked him to write his first ever blog - an online diary - from Davos, Switzerland.
US men sue over inflated hopes
One dissatisfied customer, Michael Coluzzi, sued a company for false advertising, claiming he "experienced no increase in size". Mr Coluzzi, from New Jersey, said he paid $59.95 (£31.67) for a 30-day supply of Alzare pills, which claim a 95% success rate in increasing the length of a penis by three inches. The tablets are said to include ginseng and yohimbe bark.
Bad vibes as tug-of-love hits Marley anniversary
"Once you get up there you will feel he vibe," he adds, and then moves on with his cutlass over his shoulder.
Selassie and Africa: the Rasta creed
In 1930, Prince Tafari Makonnen was crowned the new emperor of Ethiopia, claiming the title of Emperor Haile Selassie. But the more spiritual followers of Garvey saw the coronation as a sign from God.
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