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Gary Younge
England v Trinidad

I never sat a Tebbit test I couldn't fail. This is no exception.

But this is an ethical guide, not an ethnic one. Trinidad has its fair share of yellow cards. Only the British privy council has prevented Trinidad from reintroducing capital punishment these past seven years. Liberal intervention or post-colonial interference? Both.

With politics deeply divided along racial lines, between blacks and Indians, execution is one of the few things most Trinidadians agree on at the moment. The other is devotion to the Soca Warriors. If a draw against Sweden could produce such euphoria, imagine what victory against the former colonial overseer could do for national unity.

Verdict: T&T all the way!

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No Place Like Home – A Black Briton’s Journey through the American South
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'The idea of retracing the route is a great one, urgent and necessary.'
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