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In the “

” issue [May 12],




illuminated the changes needed in economics, law and patterns of thinking to address climate change. I only wish they had given attention to a measure many climate activists consider pivotal: the revenue-neutral carbon tax. As proposed by Citizens’ Climate Lobby, this measure would tax carbon dioxide (or equivalent greenhouse gas) emissions at $15 a ton and increase by $10 a ton each year. The plan is revenue-neutral because all money collected would be returned to US citizens, which would protect lower- and middle-income households from the burden of higher energy prices. An analysis by the Carbon Tax Center projects that 66 percent of households would break even or come out ahead under the plan.

readers who want to work for a solution to the climate crisis should join or start a CCL chapter (see


Yes, we need a climate revolution! We need to tie climate stabilization proposals to progressive economic policies—for example, government green-job-creation programs and community-choice energy programs that provide customers with clean energy while protecting them from soaring utility rates.

Your pieces on climate change were spot-on. But there was no mention of overpopulation. World population has tripled since the warnings of Julian Huxley and others in the 1950s. The Ford administration’s 1975 National Security Study memorandum detailed much of the problem, called for universal access to contraception, and said abortion should be decriminalized. But it was mysteriously “classified,” buried until 1989, and is never mentioned.

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