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Gary Younge

‘We have all become so inured to the naked rightwing partisanship of the British press that it barely registers beyond a knowing shrug.’
Illustration: Nate Kitch/The Guardian
The Tories can’t win without the press. This isn’t how democracy works
In February 2016, a few months before the referendum, Donald Tusk published the European Council’s draft plans for renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the EU. David Cameron was prepared for the possibility that Tusk’s response would be less than he hoped for – it was a negotiation, after all. But what really shocked the then prime minister were the front pages the next day. “Cameron’s EU deal is a joke”, said the Daily Express; “The great delusion”, barked the Daily Mail; “Ministers defy PM on Europe”, claimed the Telegraph; while the Sun went with “Who do EU think EU are kidding, Mr Cameron?”, which compared the offer to a “steaming pile of manure”.

Stevenage town centre.
Photograph: Antonio Olmos/The Observer
Stevenage voters: tell us which issues will decide this election
The Guardian will be reporting from Stevenage ahead of the General Election, as part of a series of pieces from across the country focused on finding out what matters to the people who live there.

Illustration: Ben Jennings
When Jacob Rees-Mogg lets slip what he really believes, the choices become clear
In a recent interview, the Indian novelist and campaigner Arundhati Roy described a tabletop mountain in the Indian state of Odisha as a symbol for who or what will rule the world. “For the mining companies, the mountain is worth the cost of the bauxite that can be mined,” she told me. “For the people … who live on that mountain it’s a water tank [that] has held the water of the monsoons and the plains for centuries. [To them] that bauxite is worth nothing if it’s outside the mountain.” That, she said, raises the question, “Can we leave the bauxite in the mountain?”

Steve McQueen, at Tate Britain, where his show Year 3 opens next week.
Photograph: Alicia Canter/The Guardian
‘Childhood is a whirlwind’: Steve McQueen on his mesmerising school photo project
Earlier this year, the actor John Cleese, now 80, repeated his claim: “London is no longer an English city.” In 2011, he had told an Australian audience: “I love having different cultures around, but when the parent culture kind of dissipates you’re left thinking: ‘Well, what’s going on?’” He had previously declared: “I love being down in Bath because it feels like the England that I grew up in.”

Illustration: Eleanor Shakespeare
It's voters, not pollsters, who will write the story of this election
Election night, 2017, at Harrow leisure centre was a tense affair. I had been in the borough for more than a month covering the battle for Harrow West – a Labour-held marginal that was 19th on the Tories’ target list. Labour won it in 1997 with a slim majority and had clung on to it ever since.
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Another Day in the Death of America
book review
Younge’s masterwork. To be read through tears. Brilliantly reported, quietly indignant and utterly gripping. Naomi Klein
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